For what we are born with,

is it our destiny?

I take it as the beginning

of a wonderful journey.

Leave our "home";

Experience the life

of a different person or species;

Bring even non-living things to life.

Freeze the moment when you feel connected. For that's the source of creation.


Oh my friend
Don't be grief
At the end of life
Remember the splendor we create
Once enlightened
the starry night



This is a dance film inspired by artist Van Gogh's painting "the starry night" at 1989. Dark and bright, smooth and sharp, cool blue and warm red, it creates a mysterious and drama-like feeling of life.

"Passion without reason is blind,

Reason without passion is dead."

---Baruch Spinoza

This is a dance film inspired by the great philosopher Spinoza and shot in his hometown Amsterdam, on my way to a conference in Economics at Maastricht University.


School of Business Management

East China Normal University

Shanghai, China 200062



©2019 by Luyao Zhang                                                                                          Wherever I go, no matter what the weather is, I always bring my own Sunshine.

The Master Said, "Virtue is not left to stand alone, for those who practice it will find neighbors."–Analects 4:25